Venus Legacy

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Venus Legacy

What Is Venus Legacy?

The Venus Legacy is a non-invasive treatment used for cellulite reduction, skin tightening, and improving wrinkles. The Venus Legacy combines Multi-Polar Radio Frequency, Pulsed Magnetic Electric Field, and Varipulse Technology, which increases blood circulation and noticeable tightens skin. The machine stimulates the body’s natural healing response, which helps patients see quick results. The Venus Legacy can be used on a variety of places such as the face, legs, and buttocks and is a great way to tone and tighten the body without painful, exhausting surgeries.

What Are The Benefits For The Venus Legacy?

The Venus Legacy offers many benefits. This treatment is virtually painless and does not require any downtime afterwards. Recommended treatments are pre-programmed into the machine, however, the machine can also be adjusted at any time during the procedure according to the patient. The Venus Legacy is a safe alternative to surgery and can be used on all skin types. Many people have reported that they have seen results almost immediately!

Venus Legacy: What Should I Expect?

Venus Legacy does not involve any discomfort and many patients have compared the experience to a hot stone massage. It’s been reported that this treatment is so relaxing that some people have even been able to take naps during the procedure. During this treatment, the patient will lie on a treatment bed while the technician applies a gel to the skin that allows the applicator to glide more easily and protects the skin from the heat. The treatment is relatively quick and typically takes 15 to 40 minutes, depending on the area that the technician is treating. After the treatment, the skin may appear red but will usually disappear within a few hours. In order to see desired results, multiple treatment sessions is usually required. Anywhere from six to eight treatments is usually recommended to see optimal results.