Medical and Natural Weight Loss

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Medical and Natural Weight Loss Treatment

Almost everyone in the world goes on a diet at some time during his or her life. Often it is both unnecessary and temporary. Simply changing daily routines concerning food and exercise easily reverses most weight gain.

As the food industry maximizes profits, with absolutely no regard to our health, continually pushing the boundaries of what the FDA will accept and fighting against accurate product labeling, we are left at their mercy.

Of course, we know that if we exist on a diet of donuts and French fries, with our only exercise being going to the store to buy these products, we are going to gain weight and, worse than that, become quite sick in all probability.

So, what are the courses of action open to us when we want to lose weight?

There are a number of centers now that offer expertise in medical weight loss programs. The “medical” in this context does not necessarily refer to medication or surgery, but to a medically supervised program of weight loss. This is usually nutrition based, involving an initial consultation which will be a body work up to ascertain the extent of your problem, based on weight, Body Mass Index (BMI) and other factors concerning lifestyle.

Based upon this information, the center will recommend a special diet for you, with simple, good, healthy food that is easy to buy and well-balanced, giving you all of the nutrients that you need. This will coincide with an exercise program that is customized to fit your needs, your lifestyle and your abilities.

The program will involve regular visits to the center for weighing and monitoring for any potential problems, resulting in a steady, controlled weight loss over a period of time that could be a few weeks, or even months, depending on your specific weight loss goals.

There are many different schools of thought concerning natural ways of losing weight. Some believe that protein is the key. Eat nothing but protein for a specified period of time and watch the weight fall off. The problem can be that, as soon as you resume a normal diet, you regain the weight, sometimes with an additional weight gain. There are other gurus who believe that juicing is the answer, or carbs!

The reality is that everyone is different. What works for one person could be the worst idea for another. So the key to success with any weight loss program is to consult with our health care professionals and have them tailor a plan that fits your body and meets your weight loss goals.