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Weight Loss Supplements Backed by Science

June 15th, 2016

Weight Loss Supplements - Core

It would be great if we could just walk into our local supplement or vitamin store and pick up a reliable, effective weight loss product.  Regretfully, many weight loss products are gimmicks and as such, it can be very difficult to find something that truly works.  Luckily, researchers are constantly testing products and today, we bring you some of the latest research on some products proven to be effective in those studies.


This is a product that is obtained from shells of various crustaceans and insects.  It is found in the wine making industry as a fining agent that helps prevent spoilage.  It is also used in the medical field as an effective antibacterial agent.  Research has shown chitosan reduces the absorption of fat, making it an effective part of a weight loss program.  It also has the added benefit of reducing cholesterol.

HCA (Hydroxycitrate)

This supplement is actually a salt that is extracted from the rind of dried fruits, primarily brindal berry and garcinia cambodia.  It is an ingredient found in many weight loss supplements found on the market today.  Research has shown HCA reduces the absorption of fat, inhibits appetite, lowers bad cholesterol levels, and increases the metabolism of fat.

Mango Seed Fiber

Just as the name describes, this product is extracted from the seeds of the African mango tree.  This fiber has been used as a weight loss remedy for quite some time, but has recently gained popularity due to research backing its effectiveness.  Studies have shown this fiber to help people lose weight while also reducing cholesterol levels at the same time.  It has also been shown to be promising as far as a treatment for both preventing and treating diabetes.

Beta Glucan

Yet another fiber on the list of effective supplements, this soluble fiber is extracted from a variety of sources, including algae, mushrooms, and various yeasts.  Regardless of the source the fiber is obtained from, all seem to offer the same benefits.  The research on beta glucan has shown it to be effective for weight loss, and, just as with mango seed fiber, lowers cholesterol as well.  It too has shown to be a promising supplement to regulate diabetes or altogether prevent it as well.

Why Protein

While most supplements do not promote whey protein as a weight loss supplement, various studies have shown it to be effective in helping individuals lose weight.  This is mainly due to the fact that most people do not have enough protein in their diets and as such, whey protein is a great way to boost their dietary protein content.  Additionally, while fat contains 9 calories per gram and carbohydrates contains 4, protein only contains 3 calories per gram, making it a great way to fill up on less calories.  Since protein is also harder to digest than fat or carbohydrates, it helps to keep you full longer, making it easier to regulate one’s calorie intake while still feeling full.  Whey protein also has a very comprehensive amino acid profile, making it great to utilize in conjunction with an exercise regimen as a recovery product.

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