Physical Therapy

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What is physical therapy?

At CoreWellness, our therapy is practiced by therapists to improve and restore movement and reduce pain. Often this is done without surgery. It can also effectively reduce pain to the point that patients no longer have to use addictive prescription drug. Much of physical therapy also teaches patients to manage their condition. This will help lead happy and healthy lives.

Physical therapy is not just used to improve mobility and manage pain. Through comprehensive fitness and wellness program, physical therapy makes sure that you also strengthen key muscles and joints to prevent future injury. These programs are designed to make you feel fitter, stronger and more vibrant.

physical therapy

How can CoreWellness help with my physical therapy?

At CoreWellness we offer physical therapy for all of your post-surgical, mobility and pain management needs. Our highly educated healthcare professionals will work with you to determine your goals and needs to get your life back on track. Physical pain or lack of mobility should never hurt your happiness. With CoreWellness physical therapy you will never have to worry about recovering from an injury or surgery. We will guide you on the path to a speedy pain-free recovery.

Your first appointment with us will include a short consultation to identify the problem areas on your body. Then, working closely with our physical therapy team, you will design a therapy plan that will improve your situation and strengthen vulnerable areas on your body. Moving forward you will have regular sessions at CoreWellness. After these sessions – usually 2-3 per week – you will notice obvious differences in how your problem areas feel. The more committed you are to improving your condition, the better you will feel.

CoreWellness is committed to total body health and wellness. We are proud to offer physical therapy as another element of patient care. We know that you will love our physical therapy team and thrive under their care.

Results may vary individual to individual.