Medical Massage

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What are the benefits of medical massage therapy?

Massages have many health benefits. A massage can be used for treatment of painful areas of the body, or even for weight loss purposes. Massages are a great way to naturally treat pain from injury or disease without an intense procedure or use of prescription drugs. The pressure on the patient during the massage therapist will enhance blood flow around muscles and joints, allowing inflammation to subside and muscle movement to improve. Since all injuries differ, there is no specific technique required for medical massage therapy to be successful. The massage therapist will specifically cater to each individual’s pain level and area.

What conditions does a medical massage treat?

Massage therapy can be used to treat many different conditions from auto injury to developed and prolonged diseases such as arthritis. Joint pain in the limbs is a commonly treated by massage therapy. Many sports players opt for medical massage therapy due to constant high impact stress on joints and muscles. Additionally, a medical massage can relieve chronic migraines or neck muscle strain.

What are some of the alternative benefits of medical massages?

Other less known benefits of medical massages include improved circulation, alleviate stress, improve blood circulation, calming of the nervous system, improvement of body posture and positioning, prevention of future injury, and decrease blood pressure.

Massage therapy is a functional medicine, meaning the treatment is focused on healing organs through ways other than invasive procedures or artificial medicines. The recovery time for functional medicine is significantly lower than for traditional procedures. There is also less risk associated with massage therapy and functional medicine. Medical massages maintain the ability to help relieve a patient while he or she continues a daily routine.

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