Joint Injections

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Surgery is NOT the Answer!

Joint Injections

Surgery to repair joint damage or injury is not always necessary, or even preferred. Invasive surgeries can be extremely costly, not to mention they can take considerably longer to heal than other methods of repair. Surgeries are often accompanied with prescription drugs that usually have adverse side effects. You can avoid these unpleasant experiences and notice quicker relief, with more natural methods of repair.
Joint injuries are common and result from either a single-event trauma or overuse that damages the ligaments. Ligaments are the “rubber bands” within the structure of the joints that hold the joints together, and they can be found on the sides and inside of your joints. When your ligaments are stretched or torn, the injury is called a sprain. The severity of your injury varies depending on the damage to the ligaments surrounding your injured joint.

CoreWellness Can Help With:

  • Pain
  • Bruising
  • Numbness
  • Weakness
  • Tenderness
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Reduced range of motion

Joint Injections

Our office specializes in innovative treatments for joint injuries. Specialized injections into the joint can be used to improve the blood supply feeding ligaments and surrounding tissues. The injections may contain one of the following: corticosteroids (anti-inflammatory), viscosupplementation, PRP (platelet-rich-plasma), or stem cells. The injection allows blood to flow into the tissues and ligaments. As nutrients flood into the damaged area, the tissue are able to replenish and repair.

Ligaments have two unique qualities that make these types of injuries both painful, and slow to heal:

  1. Ligaments have a limited blood supply, which limits the ability of the tissues to replenish and repair.
  2. Ligaments contain large numbers of nerve endings, leading to extreme discomfort when they are damaged.

You could experience quick and complete healing with these noninvasive, inpatient joint injection procedures. Our targeted injection will encourage the natural healing process, allowing you to avoid expensive surgery and the extended need for prescription pain relief.