Pain Management

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Pain Management Options for all

PAIN. The Four-Letter Word You DON’T Have To Live With. Medical Pain Relief, Physical Therapy or Chiropractic Medicine Can Help with Pain Management

Pain can be debilitating and even disabling.  Pain can make each day seem like an eternity. Whether its neck pain or back pain that hurts like a stabbing knife, headaches that feel dull and throbbing, or joint pain that keeps you from enjoying your favorite pastimes, we’ll help you get to the root of your problems and fix them through proven pain management strategies.  Let us help you!  Back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel, shoulder pain, headaches, Knee pain, Whiplash…you name it, and we’ll help you find the answer to pain management.  FAST! CoreWellness has a variety of effective and non-invasive pain management strategies. We combine the best of physical medicine and physical therapy to ensure you will no longer have to suffer with chronic pain.

How are we different? CoreWellness uniquely combines the best of all worlds: medical pain relief, physical therapy and chiropractic medicine.  Our approach to pain management means you spend less time dealing with pain and more time enjoying life. Who wants to deal with unbearable or frustrating pain day-in and day-out? With comprehensive pain management packages from CoreWellness, now you don’t have to because:

  • We use the latest medical and holistic advancements for rapid pain management.
  • You’ll love our physical rehabilitation program.  It’s designed to strengthen the injury-prone areas of your body, ensuring you’ll get better quickly and stay that way longer!
  • Once you’re feeling better, our Wellness program will help you continue on your road to better health.  After all, the goal is to KEEP you out of pain and healthy.  And that’s exactly what you’ll experience with CoreWellness


Pain management can help eliminate pain today

 Our unique approach to pain management

At CoreWellness, we consider ourselves unique in the pain management sphere. This is because we offer options and flexibility. We can use all of the clinic’s expertise to diagnose and actively attack the source of your pain. This ensures successful and long-lasting pain management treatments. Through our free pain management consultation, we can explore various treatment strategies from physical medicine or therapy to chiropractic treatment.

Living with chronic and debilitating pain is not an option for anyone. At CoreWellness, we offer effective options for to manage your pain. You too can live a pain-free life. Simply call CoreWellness and start your path living pain-free today!