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What is Medical Weight Loss and How Can it Help Me?

October 16th, 2015

Medical Weight Loss

By Dr. Grant Reffell

Medical weight loss is a term that is often thrown around casually by members of the weight loss business community. However, few consumers understand what the term really means and how it can help them lose the weight and achieve the body they desire. This article will discuss the components of a successful medical weight loss plan and help you decide if it is the right weight loss plan for you.

What is medical weight loss?

Medical weight loss does not involve surgery or diet pills. It is rooted in medical principles that address the true cause of weight gain and obesity. Each medical weight loss plan is designed to be customized to the individual, ensuring that the patient achieves and maintains a healthy weight long-term. A successful program will incorporate a custom diet and exercise plan, combined with proven methods for a healthy and safe way to lose weight quickly.

Medical weight loss packages measure indicators of true weight loss, namely body fat percentage and the patient’s overall metabolism. Over time, a person’s body changes due to the aging process. In many cases weight gain is directly related to imbalances of hormones. Once people reach the age of 30, they often incur hormone imbalances due to advancing age. Rebalancing those hormones is paramount to helping your body get fit and stay fit long-term. This also means limiting drastic weight fluctuations.

When exploring medical weight loss programs, a trained professional will look at the patient’s weight as a portion of a snapshot of their entire health profile. This includes analyzing their diet, exercise habits, medications and medical conditions. If something in the patient’s profile is hindering their weight loss, a specialist can work with providers on finding safe and effective alternatives for the optimized plan. This information is also crucial to determining the proper strategy to lose unwanted weight and enable the patient to keep that weight off permanently.

In addition to examining the patient’s health profile, a professional will discuss each individual’s weight loss goals and current condition to make sure that the path designed leads to the desired results in a healthy and safe manner. Working directly with the client to fit into their goals and lifestyle is the best way to ensure that the program is right for the patient.

Can medical weight loss help me?

When deciding to commit yourself to a plan, consider that all medical weight loss plans are customizable. Plans are designed to be sustainable and lasting. They take into account everything within your health and lifestyle profile. Professionals want a plan that fits with your body and something that you will commit to long-term.

Understand that medical weight loss programs are not an instant fix. While some short term solutions can be used to augment the effectiveness of programs. In general, these programs take time and personal commitment to lose the weight. However, if you remain committed to the program, you will see the results long after your sessions are over.

Everyone is different when it comes to their body type, metabolism, health profile and lifestyle. Medical weight loss plans designed to lose weight quickly and safely can help individuals if they want to lose 10 pounds or even individuals that want to lose 100 pounds. It is one of the safest and most effective ways to hit your optimal weight. The goal is to lose the weight and keep it off long-term. If you have specific weight loss goals, you may want to consider medical weight loss as a solution that can be customized to fit your body type and lifestyle. This will ensure that you are looking your best now and long into the future.

Consider medical weight loss as an alternative to trendy diets and diet pills. You will discover an excellent way to lose weight and hit your target weight.

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