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Serving Northwest Chicago Suburbs with all of their Health needs!

CoreWellness is located in Deer Park, Illinois and provides Chiropractic & Therapeutic services throughout the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. Our clients continue to return to our business because we offer them comfort and top notch customer service. We are just a quick drive from many northwest suburbs. Even if you are as far as Chicago, we can still help you manage all of your health and wellness needs. We guarantee it will be worth the trip!

Don’t be fooled! We do not just do chiropractic at CoreWellness. At CoreWellness we care individually for each and every patient and tailor our services to meet your Chiropractic & Therapeutic, Physical Therapy and Weight Loss & Laser Lipo Services needs. These packages are designed to meet all of your health needs. Building a strong and positive health and wellness partnership is important to living a healthier and fuller life.

Prior to your first appointment and at your appointment, we ask that you share with us specifically what your needs are. We understand that this is a matter of instant trust, but we promise you that all information gathering will help us understand your personal health case. We will work with you to create a solution to your needs. Our team creates customized packages that address your health goals with effective solutions. Remember, your health goals are our health goals and we look forward to working with you to achieve them.

Serving individual and family chiropractic, weight loss, pain management, therapeutic and physical therapy needs throughout all of Chicago’s Northwest Suburbs:

Whichever Chicago northwest suburb you live in, CoreWellness has a plan for you.

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Results may vary individual to individual.